Hiring the Heavens

A couple days ago, I renewed my subscription to GaiamTV.com. It’s a website that hosts all kinds of alternative media, including interviews hosted by Regina Meredith with various people working in alternative energy, healing, and spirituality. Browsing the interviews, I came across one called “Hiring the Heavens,” which was an interview with author Jean Slatter. Basically, the message of her book was that we have all around us a host of helpful spirits that are just waiting to be called upon to assist us. You can “hire the heavens” to help you with anything from finding your true love to selling your car.

I thought it was a neat idea, so I decided to try it out.  I hired a spiritual Car Salesman, a spiritual Relationship Match-Maker, and a spiritual Life Coach to help guide me in reshaping my life to be closer to my true soul’s purpose.

It’s working! Yesterday, after having a rough start to the day (ie. delayed coffee intake), I turned to my spiritual Life Coach and asked for “the experiences, situations, and/or people that will help guide me in the right direction for my greatest and highest good.” I walked down to the cafe, pulled out my laptop, and started working on my e-book.  Next to me, two women were having a conversation that kept perking my ears. Keywords like “energy” “reiki” and “poetry” kept coming up, but I couldn’t quite piece together what they were talking about. Finally, when one of the women left to use the bathroom, I asked the other one what they were working on. As it turned out, the younger woman was illustrating the children’s book that the older woman was writing. “How fascinating!” I said to her, mentioning that I was also working on a book. So far it’s a run-of-the-mill coincidence. She also happened to be a Reiki master. Again, run-of-the-mill for Victoria.

What she said next blew me away. The author she was working with, Gerry, also does Reiki. Gerry. The name is not so common for a woman, and so I knew right away it must be the same woman who, not two weeks ago, my friend Kim had so emphatically suggested I be introduced to. There we were, meeting unbeknownst to Kim, chit chatting about writing, publishing, and Reiki! On top of that, I happened to recognize another woman who had popped into the cafe while I was there. We had met a few years ago at an artists’ market. She had been selling poetry books with matching audio CDs that she’d self-published, and she was a Reiki master too. So, four Reiki Master/Poets in the same small cafe at the same time…coincidence or a message from my angel? I think I’ll be hiring the heavens a lot more from now on!

What do you think? Would you “hire the heavens” to help you??



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    • Car salesman came through! I asked for him to help me sell my car “at the right time for me and my plan to go to Taiwan.” Timing couldn’t have been better! I’ve got the weekend to get all ready and I’m heading to Vancouver for a workshop with Doreen Virtue on Monday!! and then flying out from there!
      Wonderful experience with this…as I was waking up today I heard the words “You will let go of your car today” in a voice that seemed to come from inside and outside of my at the same time. I really think it was my spiritual car salesman! And low and behold – today was the day!

  1. Funny how the alignment process has integrated into our energy circle. The paths the intersect are not random, but an attempt to solidify the nature of reiki in our body, mind, spirit, journey. It must have been a powerful force to have us all create a presence. I would not be surprised if we were sent there to do work for someone in the area. There are reasons for these conferences that go beyond what we think we know.

    • Absolutely, Tara! The workings of the Uni-verse are truly awe inspiring. Thanks for sharing your insight about being there to do work for someone in the area…I hadn’t considered that aspect of the event, but I think you must be right. Interesting how the Ego chooses to perceive things. Thank you for your comments 🙂

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