Spiders – Become a Weaver of Your Own Destiny

Last week spiders featured prominently in my dream. Specifically, brown spiders. In the dream, one moment I was running away from a spider before it could bite me. Another moment, I was trying to warn my brother of a spider then I stepped on and squished it.

So I looked up SPIDER in my animal spirit book “Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals” by Dr. Steven Farmer:

“This is an opportunity to access your deepest wisdom and assimilate it so it becomes part of your daily living. Beware of any potential traps or ruses that you’re tempted to get involved with. Rather than staying stuck in this apparent impasse, open your mind to the infinite number of possibilities that are before you and make a choice. Don’t limit yourself to the mundane world, but instead be willing to explore other dimensions and realities. It’s time to write creatively without limits of tradition or habit, allowing yourself to be inspired by Nature.”

In life this morning, I opened my car trunk to find a newly hatched mass of tiny brown spiders. They were tan colour with a green spot on their bum. So many of them were crawling all over each other. It gave me goosebumps. I have never seen anything like it. The message was so acute.

Become a weaver of your own destiny. Do it NOW.

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